Avoiding Sports Injuries This Winter

Ankle injuries are very common in all sports, and more so in winter. They can be caused by uneven surfaces as well as poor footwear and ground conditions.  The ‘lateral’ or outside ligaments of the ankle are the ones most commonly injured along with the Achilles tendon. Tendons join muscles to bones, and tendon injuries are very common in the shoulders and ankles.

Knee pain would have to be one of the most common injuries after ankle pain. The knees can be injured in most winter sports, such as soccer, basketball, skiing and rugby to name a few. The most common injury we see would be a strain of the medial ligament and the medial cartilage (meniscus) along with associated muscle strains. In simpler terms, a ligament joins bone to bone and cartilage is the 'shock absorber'. Symptoms include pain in the knee and the knee cap, clicking and swelling.

Regular stretching and treatment before and after sports is a simple and effective way to reduce the likelihood of injury and shorten the healing time.