We are proud to stock mattresses from the Get Well Bedding range.  When choosing a new mattress it is important to try lying down on them so we welcome people to pop in or make an appointment to test them out. 

These premium quality mattresses are designed by Chiropractor and Anatomist, Veli Solyali.  By ordering through Riverside Chiropractic, we are able to offer you a significant discount.  

Exquisite Queen Mattress: 

Our price: $1900 (plus GST & $150 delivery)

RRP: $2499

Get Well Organic Collection (100% Natural Latex):

Our price: $1950

RRP: $2599

Prices are not inclusive of GST and there is a delivery fee of $150

Bed heads, matching bases and pillows can also be supplied as well in a range of colours.

Please take a look at Get Well Bedding for further information and to compare prices.