Hip Mobility

Butterfly Reach - for hip mobility and control

Bridge and Clam Exercise


Pallof Press

Core stability exercise to protect spine against unexpected movements. North Ryde Chiropractor

Bear Crawl

This exercise is great for developing your core strength. Make sure you keep your abs tight and don't let your pelvis rock side to side or forwards.

RKC Plank

If you do planks to strengthen your core, that is great, however, you will see how easy they start to become. If you want to take it to the next level, try the RKC plank.

Starting from the standard plank position, clench your hands together in front of you and squeeze your shoulders in towards each other. Then tense your quads (muscles on the front of your thigh) to force your knees up and really clench your glutes as hard as possible. To create even greater tension, pull your shoulder blades towards your toes and toes towards your head as if you’re trying to raise your midriff into the pike position. This increases the stabilising force required from your glutes to maintain the plank position. You won't be able to last as long as a regular plank. 

Start with three to five planks of around ten seconds. After a while, you can extend the duration to 30 seconds if you prefer, but keeping the tension high is more important than lasting longer. If you experience any pain, please contact us and we can help.

RKC Plank north ryde chiropractor