Pain related to pregnancy can be treated by our North Ryde chiropractor and remedial massage therapist

Due to so many changes occurring in a women’s body whilst she is pregnant, it is no wonder many women experience back, neck and pubic bone pain. The changes occur due to the physical change in an expectant mother’s body as well as hormonal ones, which makes her far more susceptible to joint, ligament and muscle strain.

We have helped many people to manage the pain from pregnancy. To make a booking today to start feeling better, please either phone 8096 6781 or contact us.

If the alignment of her pelvis isn’t correct it may lead to intrauterine constraint. This may create less space for the baby to develop, make it harder to deliver the baby and in worst cases cause head and facial malformation. The good news is chiropractic is safe and effective in helping to reduce intrauterine constraint. (1)

If you are pregnant and experiencing pelvic, back, upper back and neck pain, pubic symphysis pain and/or sciatica, our chiropractors are well-equipped to help you alleviate your pain, as it is safe (2) and effective (3).


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