Pain related a scoliosis can be treated by our North Ryde chiropractor and remedial massage therapist

We treat both adults and children for scoliosis symptoms. If you would like help with a scoliosis please click here.

Scoliosis is more common in females than males and more often develops in childhood. People may experience no symptoms through to severe pain and notices changes in their posture.

Scoliosis is a lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine. It is characterised by postural changes such as a raised shoulder, a prominent shoulder blade or one hip appearing somewhat higher than the other. The younger a child is when a curve starts to develop, the more severe the curve may become.


For diagnosis, it is essential to obtain x-rays, which we can do in our clinic to determine the location and severity. In conjunction with this, we will perform a thorough history and examination to determine the best treatment programme for you or your child. If a curve progresses rapidly or becomes too large, we will refer you to another health/medical provider for management.

For treatment, it is necessary to periodically take x-rays to monitor if it has progressed. Spinal manipulation, mobilisations and soft tissue work are applied to the spine to help prevent further curve progression (1), alleviate pain, prevent development/progression of arthritis.

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