Let's Get 'Snow Fit'!

The snow season has arrived and good preparation can help you to reduce the risk of injury and get the most out of your holiday.

4 areas to focus on for getting 'snow fit':

1. Boost cardiovascular fitness for improved stamina
2. Strengthen muscles to reduce muscle fatigue and pain
3. Balance training to help prevent falls
4. Injury prevention ie making sure that your joints are aligned properly

A programme should be individually tailored to your fitness level and skill set, our chiros at Riverside Chiropractic can help with this.

Make sure to include interval training in your cardio work outs e.g. walking or running upstairs or up a hill for 30-60 seconds, alternate with a rest period and repeat as many times as you can manage.  Core exercises are a must as they help you to stay balanced and to change direction. 

Always stretch after a work out to reduce pain the following day and to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water whilst you are on the slopes and to pop on some sun screen as well.

Enjoy your time at the snow and if you'd like to make an appointment to become more 'snow fit' please phone 8096 6781 or email us.