Fighting Off The Grumps

I wanted to share with you a recent experience of mine and before I do I would like to state there is no scientific proof for this but it did happen to me.

Last weekend, I was in a grumpy mood.  My back was sore from picking my kids up. I was tired, snapping at my husband for the tiniest things and did not want to do any of the household chores that desperately needed doing.  So, I got an adjustment from my colleague, David.  As soon as I got up from the table, I was no longer in pain but the best thing was I was in a better mood and had tonnes more energy!

I went home a much happier person.  I was productive and my whole family had an enjoyable weekend.  My husband was very glad I stopped snapping at him!

The reason I am sharing a not so glamorous story about myself is that it might just help you or a loved one if they have similar behaviour.