Is Mineral Water Bad For Us?


  • Leaches calcium out of bones: it was originally thought that the bubbles would leach out calcium as soft drinks in large quantities have been shown to do this.  The good news is that no research shows that carbonated water leaches calcium out of bones.1 The confusion arose as originally it was thought to have something to do with the bubbles.
  • Bad for teeth: studies done by immersing teeth in still and mineral water showed very little difference in the erosion of the teeth.2  
  • Salt: the amount in it is negligible - avoid chips, biscuits and adding salt to food.  For people that are required to have a salt reduced diet it is a good idea to avoid it but for otherwise healthy people - drink up!

Avoid mineral waters with sugar and artificial sweeteners.


  • It is great for hydration, contains calcium and magnesium which is great for bone and muscle health