Back Pain After a Sleep In

How much time do you spend in bed each night? Does your back hurt after you treat yourself to a sleep in on the weekend? Did you know that night time is when your spinal discs rehydrate and renourish themselves? You're taller in the morning due to this and throughout the day your spinal discs become dehydrated so you're shorter at night. 

The ideal amount of time required to rehydrate and re-nourish your spinal discs at night is 8 hours of bed rest. Less than 8 hours means your spine doesn't receive enough inflow to get adequate nutrition. Any more than this and your discs continue to swell and can become damaged under stress. Both too much or too little predisposes you to pain and spinal injury.

Why Treat The Whole Spine?

Why do chiropractors adjust (treat) the whole spine even though you may have pain in only one area of your spine?

We see the spine as an integrated whole.  What happens in one area affects another which can cause compensation reactions to occur quite commonly.  For example, someone complaining of low back pain can often have an even more advanced problem in their upper neck.  However it may not be producing symptoms yet.  An absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is fine.  A head misalignment may produce a problem in one's lower back.  By addressing the neck issue despite it having a lack of symptoms, the back pain may resolve and result in a healthier spine.

Whilst chiropractic adjustments are specific and targeted, our focus is on the spine as a whole, not just the area which is causing discomfort.